Do you have a keen interest in buying Scrap metal in bulk at competitive prices? Or, willing to get rid of Scrap metal from your recycling center for a decent price? Regardless of whether you are a manufacture or a Recycler, we can help you out.

Our Process


Our team of experts in procurement division will contact the recyclers/Junkyards to identify the required material, negotiate the price and pays the material cost full in advance.


We have skilled marketing representatives to promote the available high quality USA scrap metals to our existing and new buyers (traders, wholesalers, Manufacturers).

Once the material is ready for staging, Our inspection person will check the bales before we bring our own container and truck to load the scrap metal from yard.

Contribute Your Bit for a Safer, Cleaner World

Many manufacture or a Recycler of all kinds of Scrap metals have extensively been relying on our platform that has long been facilitating the process of buying and selling Scrap under one single roof. We understand online platform have been gaining immense popularity as more and more people rely on their platform when it comes to acquiring or disposing of all types of Scrap metals at affordable prices. That’s the reason why we have established this distinct platform to create a win-win situation for both parties (buyers and sellers).

However, there are two crucial approaches you need to consider, including:

  1. Starting a new business

If your business is small and it’s looking for a quick, effective, and convenient way to reach out to shoppers to showcase your products, we are your best bet.

  1. Expand your business

Even if you already have an established business, uploading your products to our platform is the most reliable and preferred way to spread a word about your business and expand its reach to potential customers.

Each online marketplace has its own requirements, diverse product categories, listing fees, and audiences. Make sure you do perform some upfront research so you can make an informed decision of associating with an online B2B marketplace that has carved its name in the industry, no matter you are a manufacture or a Recycler.

How It Works

At Recyclers Plaza, we allow both manufacture or a Recycler to post their products on our distinct platform that bridges the gap between them when it comes to purchasing or selling all kinds of Scrap metal. No matter what your requirement, you can send your requirements to us (as a buyer or seller), and we will help you find the right party you can deal with concerning Scrap metal buying or selling.

Get Deal

Once you have found the buyer or seller, you can strike a deal with them, which helps you meet your needs and budget. 

You’re Done!